WuKo at Gallery Nucleus

Justin and I just recently went to the Avatar Tribute Exhibition at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra. If you haven’t been before, check out their website or give them a visit because they have new exhibitions all the time!

Prior to the exhibit, we’ve been wanting to do a cosplay together and this event (and Wondercon a few weeks later) provided the perfect opportunity to do that! We’ve watched Korra together and since the introduction of Prince Wu to the cast, a couple of friends joked with the idea that I should cosplay as him. So with that, I took that offer up and decided to make a Wu cosplay for me and a Mako one for Justin! Justin’s outfit was mostly made out of cotton and mine was made of crepe-backed satin. Maybe I’ll make a build log of our outfits if I ever get the time.

Fast-forward to the day of the event… just walking up to the gallery before it even opened was pretty fun. As soon as we crossed the street, people were asking for photos because it was probably the first time they saw a WuKo pair together. Tons of pictures were taken and people shouted out things like “hold hands,” or “carry him!” There’s a post on tumblr that went kinda viral with our pictures.

The art at the show was amazing and I got to spot Bryke wandering around a few times too!

Thanks to Joits Photography for this awesome pic of us! It really captures the personality of both characters!


Chugging Along!

Another one off my list!

Took a cross-country trip from LA to Seattle (that counts as cross country right haha?) for the Penny Arcade Expo Convention (PAX) and I’ll say I had a blast! Sure it’s not as fast as a plane or even a car sometimes but not having to drive, being able to see some incredible views, and meeting some cool people – it’s a great experience that I think I’d want to take again every few months or years to sort of “recharge.”

Photos and videos to come!

My first 3D prop model!

Pretty much finished my Arcade Miss Fortune gun model! All done in sketchup. Going to be making two of these for my genderbend cosplay!

Next cosplay prop, work in progress 😀 Arcade Miss Fortune here we goooooo!

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Pokemon Messenger Bag!

Super quick and easy messenger bag mod that I’ll be carrying during SDCC and probably future cons. Made it in a few minutes with Adobe Illustrator and used my vinyl cutter and Oracal vinyl to bring it to life. I wanted a bag to hold circular Pokeball QR code wooden tokens I’m going to give away when people take a picture of me or I take one of them!

Found the perfect bag at IKEA and I wanna say thank you to Justin for coming along with me to find it! We found the last one in the store!

Customized this bag for the upcoming weekend! 😬 #SDCC here I come!

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Riding on one wheel

I think I finally learned how to consistently ride a unicycle about 50 yards. It took a quite a few nights of practice to get to where I am now- about 10-15 hours total, but was definitely worth it. Seeing this video just makes me smile.

The most difficult part about learning how to ride a unicycle was getting back up. Every. Single. Time. It’s not like a bicycle where you have training wheels or can just stand it up. With a unicycle, you need to hold on to something while you’re learning so that you’re able to mount it correctly.

When I first started practicing on the sidewalk and the street, I only had a lamp post to help me mount. I probably fell off of my unicycle every minute I was on it. But whenever that happened, I’d just tell myself three things: butt down, back straight, and keep pedaling.

Little by little, I went farther and father. When I went farther than I thought I’d ever been before, I measured the distance (using 8 to 5 steps, go band!) on my way back to the pole. Five yards, ten yards, twenty yards. Forty-five yards. Each time I arrived back at the pole, I realize it’s actually not that far but then my mind puts a positive image in my head and tells me, “Hey! Listen! Just imagine you riding around, seeing smiles or weird looks on peoples faces when you ride by, and maybe even riding it at CicLaVia one day! Or even juggling at the same time too.” And so I keep getting on and trying.


Lessons learned:

  • If you fall down, get back up.
  • Mantras help
  • Measure your successes
  • Keep looking forward (otherwise you might fall)

Three down, twenty-two more to go!

Poké (My) Balls

I was talking my coworker, Chris, one morning and I asked him what I should cosplay as for an upcoming convention. His response to me was “a Chansey and you should have Pokeballs that light up and play the Poke Center theme.” I took that and made it happen:

Built with an Arduino Uno, 6 red LEDs, a momentary pushbutton, a piezo buzzer, clear acrylic balls, spray paint, vinyl, and lots of jumper wires.

Here’s a photo of me and my group:

Gaymer X Pokemon!

(Forgot where I got this image but if you know, please tell me so I can give credit )

Two down and 23 to go!

My first Etsy sale!


I had a random thought one night to create some Pokeball decals.

After I finished cutting them, layering, and finishing them – I posted my success on reddit and then oddly some people wanted them! So to please the internet I made an Etsy store to sell my decals!


A couple days later I checked my email and lo and behold… a sale! I was pretty surprised when I got my first read that email from Etsy. I totally did not expect it to even happen but I guess people are always looking for Pokemon things?

My first sale made me happy enough that I even included a thank you card and an extra decal on top of the two she ordered!


25 Before 25

Before I turned 20 I created a “20 before 20” list. I managed to get around half of them accomplished with the help of my friends and some determination on my end. They were goals such as learn how to juggle, plant something, learn how to golf, go to Six Flags Magic Mountain, learn how to ride a unicycle, etc.

I’ve since lost that list but I recently thought to myself that I’d like to do that again as it kickstarted me into learning new things as well as connecting with friends that I don’t see very much.

Without further ado:

Learn to ride a unicycle.
Do “dangerous” things – skydive, bungee jump, shark cage.
Buy a bicycle and use it for short trips instead of driving.
Get something published.
Learn to crochet or knit and make an amigurumi
Start my APA arts organization
Take a cross-country Amtrak trip.
Play a full 18 holes of golf.
Make a terrarium.
Design an 8-bit art piece.
Get into the habit of writing at least one letter a week.
Compose a chiptunes/8-bit song
Learn Python or PHP and develop a webapp
Learn how to use my Arduino.
Get a bespoke suit.
Create a puzzlebox
Learn how to ride a motorcycle
Save $10,000 in my “Emergency Fund”
Create a “gourmet” Filipino cookbook
Drive around a track and learn how to bootleg turn and heel-toe.
Build something I know nothing about
Learn Tagalog / Ilocano
Write a TV pilot/screenplay
Travel outside of the country again
Create an even more ambitious 30 before 30.

This list definitely shows how eclectic my interests are and hopefully it will help expose me to even more new and exciting things! If you would like to help me accomplish these goals, get in contact with me and let me know!

Other things that didn’t make it but I’ll try and include:
Start cooking at least once a week
Write a letter to my 30 year old self.
Plant another garden of things I can actually eat instead of flowers
Destroy something (like a car or building)
Play the sax and piano again
Doodle and draw more. Enough to create a nice little comic.