Order of the White Lotus Pai Sho Tile

Going to be giving these out at the next convention I go to as Sokka! #sokka #avatar #tla #cosplay #whitelotus #atla

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When I created my Sokka “Day of Black Sun” Wolf Armor cosplay, I wanted to create a fun experience for the people that wanted to take a picture with/of me, or for the people in the Avatar community that I met and wanted to keep in touch with. It’s always fun to give stuff away, especially when it has something to do with the fandom that you’re portraying. It was also used as a pseudo-business card as I printed out a QR code on transparent film and stuck it on the back, which linked to my DeviantArt page.

Something I could give out as Sokka (but was kind of a strech) were White Lotus Pai Sho tiles. In the show, after completing his training with Master Piandao in the Fire Nation, Sokka received a White Lotus tile from the master. I thought it’d be fun to pass it on to the fans at conventions.

I first brought these tiles to Anime Expo but I was extremely conservative in giving them out because I didn’t make very many and I was pretty shy as well.

Come San Diego Comic-Con 2014 and I was even more prepared with small drawstring bag attached to my belt that I stuffed with these White Lotus tiles as well as tiles with the Water Nation symbol on it.

I was much more open with giving these tiles away this time! Later that con, my friends and I managed to get a Legend of Korra party where the show creators and team were. Throughout the party, I had people coming up to me asking for one of the tiles! I happily gave them one until I was down to my last two or three.

Overall, it was fun making these simple tiles. They were cheap and easy to make and were definitely a big hit with everyone I’ve met.

It was even featured on the official Legend of Korra show blog!

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