25 Before 25

Before I turned 20 I created a “20 before 20” list. I managed to get around half of them accomplished with the help of my friends and some determination on my end. They were goals such as learn how to juggle, plant something, learn how to golf, go to Six Flags Magic Mountain, learn how to ride a unicycle, etc.

I’ve since lost that list but I recently thought to myself that I’d like to do that again as it kickstarted me into learning new things as well as connecting with friends that I don’t see very much.

Without further ado:

Learn to ride a unicycle.
Do “dangerous” things – skydive, bungee jump, shark cage.
Buy a bicycle and use it for short trips instead of driving.
Get something published.
Learn to crochet or knit and make anĀ amigurumi
Start my APA arts organization
Take a cross-country Amtrak trip.
Play a full 18 holes of golf.
Make a terrarium.
Design an 8-bit art piece.
Get into the habit of writing at least one letter a week.
Compose a chiptunes/8-bit song
Learn Python or PHP and develop a webapp
Learn how to use my Arduino.
Get a bespoke suit.
Create a puzzlebox
Learn how to ride a motorcycle
Save $10,000 in my “Emergency Fund”
Create a “gourmet” Filipino cookbook
Drive around a track and learn how to bootleg turn and heel-toe.
Build something I know nothing about
Learn Tagalog / Ilocano
Write a TV pilot/screenplay
Travel outside of the country again
Create an even more ambitious 30 before 30.

This list definitely shows how eclectic my interests are and hopefully it will help expose me to even more new and exciting things! If you would like to help me accomplish these goals, get in contact with me and let me know!

Other things that didn’t make it but I’ll try and include:
Start cooking at least once a week
Write a letter to my 30 year old self.
Plant another garden of things I can actually eat instead of flowers
Destroy something (like a car or building)
Play the sax and piano again
Doodle and draw more. Enough to create a nice little comic.