WuKo at Gallery Nucleus

Justin and I just recently went to the Avatar Tribute Exhibition at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra. If you haven’t been before, check out their website or give them a visit because they have new exhibitions all the time!

Prior to the exhibit, we’ve been wanting to do a cosplay together and this event (and Wondercon a few weeks later) provided the perfect opportunity to do that! We’ve watched Korra together and since the introduction of Prince Wu to the cast, a couple of friends joked with the idea that I should cosplay as him. So with that, I took that offer up and decided to make a Wu cosplay for me and a Mako one for Justin! Justin’s outfit was mostly made out of cotton and mine was made of crepe-backed satin. Maybe I’ll make a build log of our outfits if I ever get the time.

Fast-forward to the day of the event… just walking up to the gallery before it even opened was pretty fun. As soon as we crossed the street, people were asking for photos because it was probably the first time they saw a WuKo pair together. Tons of pictures were taken and people shouted out things like “hold hands,” or “carry him!” There’s a post on tumblr that went kinda viral with our pictures.

The art at the show was amazing and I got to spot Bryke wandering around a few times too!

Thanks to Joits Photography for this awesome pic of us! It really captures the personality of both characters!